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Lobbying Firms Kelley Cawthorne and Brown Consulting Group Have Announced Company Merger

LANSING - February 2021

Leading lobbying firm, Kelley Cawthorne announced its merger with Brown Consulting Group. The combined company will bring together two highly skilled organizations with a deep commitment to the clients they serve.

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Our clients are our central focus. Whether our client is a global brand or Michigan local, it helps to understand how the law plays a role. We specialize in state government relations, public affairs, medical marijuana consulting, and strategic communications.

We deconstruct client problems, analyze them from every possible angle and develop a pathway for success. We understand that quality representation is central to our successful and continued relationship with our clients. We offer our collective years of experience, a keen understanding of national, international and Michigan politics and deep knowledge of policy areas that impact a wide spectrum of government. We solve problems, drive impact, and most importantly, we win.


Berton Brown

Berton Brown is focused, success-driven professional with sharp political instincts learned from years spent in and around government and campaigns. We have managed and directed research and development programs to meet organizational needs and to capitalize on potential new campaigns, products, and clients.



State & Local Procurement

Medical Marijuana Consulting

State Association Management

Business Development

Community Relations

Business Development

Diversity and Equity Inclusion


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